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Teach Mate is not your average ‘how to make money online’ blog. It’s a free members only community, run by myself ‘Teach Mate Shaun’, that teaches you everything you need to know to get your online business off the ground.

While you can browse all of our articles for free without being a member, you can only see half of each article before it is cut off. To view the rest, you will need to sign up as a free member.

So what makes Teach Mate different from the rest? Well, first of all, it’s the quality. As a free member, you will enjoy guides on par with most paid membership courses you will find. Secondly, I can also guarantee all the lessons I teach work. This is because I only talk about things I have personally tried, and have seen work with my own eyes.

The Problem

In recent years, it seems like everyone and their mum has made a website on how to make money online. Many of these websites have one thing in common: They contain bad, regurgitated information that sounds like it will work but often doesn’t. On top of that, they are often run by people who have never made any money online themselves. Sort of like the blind leading the blind if you ask me…

The truth is, making money online often isn’t quick or easy. If it was, don’t you think everyone would be doing it? Despite that, if you know what you’re doing and have realistic expectations, it is possible to earn a full time living via the internet.

About Teach Mate

On this website, you will find proven marketing information and mind hacks that will allow you to succeed online. On top of that, you will find support in the form of myself (Shaun) and other users of this website. This support could be the difference between succeeding online, and giving up before you get the chance to make any money at all.

Internet marketing can be a lonely business, but having someone to bounce ideas off and get guidance from can be very valuable. That’s what we’re here to do. Our comment forms are always open, and if we can help you we will. While you can always get advice from forums, there is just as many people giving misleading information as those who are giving good information. In fact, there’s a lot more people giving out the bad advice. Here at Teach Mate, we aim to offer you good quality information without the fluff.

Getting Personal

But enough with the ‘man behind the mask’ act. My name is Shaun, and I’m the owner and main writer at Teach Mate. Although I have been involved in internet marketing for a number of years, it did take a while for me to start making any money at all. As I mentioned, there is a lot of bad information out there. There are websites and products out there that only exist to make money from people’s dreams of being able to create a living online. In reality however, many of these ‘teachers’ have only made money by selling you that information.

So what makes me qualified to be your Teach Mate? Well, I’m glad you asked. :)

  • I have been working online for a number of years. During this time, I have managed to set up various successful websites, big and small, in different niches. Because I have been through a lot of the things you will come up against, I can often tell you what I know works, rather then what should work in theory.
  • Not only have I learnt a lot during my time online, I also have a degree in Marketing and Management which I gained in a London university. This has helped my understand people better, and taught me how to use psychological triggers to help achieve your business aims. In turn, I will be sharing a lot of this information with you.
  • I am a learner. Although I have a lot to teach from my past experiences, I am a strong believer that the learning process should never stop. As I gain more knowledge and try out new things, I will have more information to share with you. On this website I will try out new things, and let you know the results which you can recreate as you feel necessary.
  • I’m a nice guy.

No matter if you’re already in the internet marketing game or you’re new to the whole idea, we can help you achieve more. Welcome to Teach Mate, your new internet marketing buddy.

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